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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour, i'm marteen dennis and live in the headquarters and coming up, in 60 minutes scuffles in hong kong as hundreds of unidentified people move in to break down protest barriers. [gunfire] the u.n. chief calls for the end of provocations at jerusalem holly site as police clash with palestinian protesters at the
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mosque. watching the fight from afar, shedding tears for their homeland and meet the syrian kurds who fled the site in kobane. and the president morales wins a third term and makes history doing it. ♪ but we start in hong kong where hundreds of people have started to pair down protest barricades blocking the financial district for weeks now and chanting open the road. police are trying to reduce the size of the protests there that has paralyzed traffic for more than two weeks. demonstrators are rallying against beijing's decision to screen candidates for the 2017 elections. let's go live now to hong kong and get the very latest from our correspondent there and tell us what the scene is now and who these people are who are pulling
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down the barricades and trying to end these protests. >> marteen, there have been different groups of people and the pictures you have been talking about was a big group of people that were quite angry and violent and trying to rip down a barricades and a truck backed into one of the barricades and some are part of unions like taxi and construction unions to say work and pay has been interrupted and others are people trying to make trouble also. what we are seeing here is clear, we are starting to see sentiment against these protesters and very angry sentiments, that is not what the protesters are worried about. what they are most worried about are the police, the police who tried to take down the barriers earlier this morning and now announced they will be definitely taking down the barriers on one of the main highways adjacent to this that
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is key for them in bargaining with the government. >> but the protesters don't seem to be disheart ended by the fact that the chief executive of the territory has said there is no chance, there is no way they will get what they are after. >> reporter: that's right and he has once again said that police have been very tolerant of the protesters and disruption and he is across the border at the mainland at a trade fair. many feel he will be consulting our officials at some point so there is a sense that something is going to happen, while the police are moving slowly and taking down barricades and have gained some ground and protesters lost some of the site here and the protests can't last too long and no talks on the horizon so, yes, protesters are really trying to think of what they can do next and whether
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they are just losing any negotiation power that they have. >> all right, live for us in hong kong, thank you very much indeed. indeed. now we have news just coming in from iraq, it's being reported that isil is now in control over all of the heat area, that of course is in ambar providence west of iraq and this is the latest from khan in the capitol of baghdad, emron. >> reporter: what we are hearing is in the last few hours iraqi army abandon one of the main military bases and calling it a tactical withdraw from the army base on the outskirts of heat and fighting with isil fighters who have taken over the town heat for about two weeks now and the clashes were quite fierce and using helicopters and shelling to go inside the town's route and the route with isil
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fighters and they have been unable to do that. i isil has been sending out bombers and once they have in the isil fighters completely control the area of heat and another town in ambar providence has fallen to isil fighters and now under threat and amery is a key town where the main supply line from ambar into baghdad and the rest of the country goes from and if those two towns fall, emely and kobasi means the ambar providence is under the control of isil fighters and it's a strategic victory for isil and a big worry for iraq saying they need more help in the fight against isil particularly on the ground. clearly what sunni lawmakers said over the last two days are air strikes against isil are not
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working and taking over more towns and abandon of the base means it may be true. >> emron that yet again the iraqi army has had to withdraw and give up land in this fight against isil. what about the prospect of supplementing iraqi ground forces with foreign ners? we understand that american troops would still not be welcome on the ground in iraq. >> reporter: well,s there are two positions developing in iraq, the official government position which is very clear, there should be no ground troops either international or arab forces here in iraq, but you are looking at sunni lawmakers now and tribal leaders within ambar province in particular saying this is the only way we will be able to fight. we want ground troops from the international community and have not specifically said where that
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should be and the americans saying are nato peace keepers and they need them and need a change in the tactics of the air strikes and looking now for close support aircraft and things like a-10 tank buster or something like a helicopter that can come in and follow ground troops and give them air cover, that is the kind of support they are looking for. the air strikes they say particularly in ambar province are just not working. >> thank you very much indeed and that is breaking news out of ambar province out of the west of iraq that isil forces have taken over a significant part of the province. well the u.s. is continuing its air strikes against isil in iraq because secretary of state john kerry says saving kobane from isil is not part of the long-term strategy to defeat the group and kurdish forces are struggling to defend the town and there are fears for the safety of thousands of civilians
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who are trapped there and mr. kerry said the focus should instead be on defeating isil in iraq. >> kobane does not define the strategy of the coalition with respect to dash. kobane is one community and it's a tragedy of what is happening there. and we don't diminish that. but we have said from day one it is going to take a period of time to bring the coalition thoroughly to the table, to rebuild some of the morale of the iraqi army and focus where we ought to be focusing first, which is iraq. it's iraqis who will is to take back iraq. it is iraqis in ambar who will have to fight for ambar. and we are confident that just as that happened before, that can and will happen again.
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though it will take some time to build back capacity in order for it to be able to be effective. so no one should anticipate as president obama said from day one, no one has been guilty of any exaggerated expectation here, certainly not from the administration. the military leader, the civilian leaders from day one have said this will be difficult, this will take time, we have to rebuild, we have to constitute the coalition, responsibilities have to be divided up, people to have get to their place of responsibility and that is taking place now and we also continued our conversations to help define the specific role that egypt will play in the coalition against isil. we are very grateful for president sisi's and prime minister's engagement on that
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from the word go. they have been in discussions and involved and as president obama made clear the united states is committed to degrading and ultimately defeating isil. >> reporter: all right, let's go live to the correspondent stephanie decker on the turkey/syria border and, stef, almost walking distance to kobane and clearly it seems as though the international community is preparing to allow kobane to be left to its own devices and leaving the kurds on their own to defend this town, how is the fight for kobane looking today? >> well, i think the u.s. secretary of state was also trying to manage expectations in a way you can probably hear the sound of explosions behind us in kobane and it's an on going fight but because the world media is so focused on the town he is saying this is part of a
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bigger picture and there are air strikes going on and heard one ten minutes ago and there were two big bangs about two hours ago and the air strikes are continuing and hearing from sources inside the kurdish fighters those air strikes are helping and optimistic and yesterday there was a change in attitude, change in the message coming out of kobane when they said they were now on the attack rather than on the defense and optimistic they could perhaps push isil back but when we come back to being left alone there is a feeling among refugees almost 200,000 people had to flee kobane into curbing -- turkey and said it's too late because air strikes have happened and kurdish fighters in the town regardless of air strikes are left to fight isil on their own. she left kobane five days ago and watches the home from a foreign land. >> translator: my cousin just called from kobane and said isil
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killed 7 seven between 3-7 years old, 4 women and 2 old man and they chopped off their heads and this is genocide and the world is watching us and there is no compassion. >> reporter: he is one of so many who are now refugees just across the border and here what was once a routine feels foreign and so many young children are forced to grow up without their toys and with an uncertain future. >> translator: mostly i'm concerned for my children. they haven't gone to school in three years. my son is now nine years old and he doesn't know how to read or write. my children are now forced to live in our home. >> reporter: the battle for kobane is only one example in syria's almost four-year war, a war that killed and displaced so many and it resulted in a staggering refugee exodus over a short space of time, almost 200,000 people forced across the
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border into turkey. there are so many stories here, mohamed left with his family and the clothes they were warring when isil started shelling their neighborhood. >> translator: what can we do here, nothing, this is not our land, we have nothing, we only have this tent, we are foreigners here. what can we do to improve our lives? we are just waiting and hoping to go back home. >> reporter: that's what he wants too, as he watches kobane somewhere two of his sons are fighting to protect the town. >> translator: we are with humanity and respect human rights and we just ask to protect our children. please save this generation. where is the u.n.? where is france? germany? there is a massacre happening. our women are being raped. >> reporter: he believes that regardless of coalition air strikes, isil's threat remains and he is no closer to going back home and bears an unimaginable pain and a feeling that no one is listening.
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and that is just one story of one man and there are so many others also i think we need to remind our viewers while we we are focused on kobane the war in syria is active and government air strikes affecting civilians on a day-to-day basis and a war in the fourth year and seeing no sign of taking any end soon. there is now this coalition against isil that people will tell you when you talk about the government in turkey they beliefs something needs to be done about the regime in damascus and millions of syrians have been affected by this. >> stephanie, thank you very much, stephanie decker there on the turkey/syria border. now, further south of where stef is activists are saying that more barrel bombs have been dropped. video apparently showing government helicopters dropping bombs has been posted and the
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location is the rebel-held town in italy province in the northwest of the country. a woman was apparently killed. several others were injured. a u.n. resolution bans the use of barrel bombs in populated areas. still to come on this news hour, almost $5.5 billion pledged to rebuild gaza and live from the territory where the u.n. chief is meeting the palestinian prime minister. and more protestings are planned at egyptian university at the start of the academic year, it follows arrests on sunday. ♪ the indian super league gets off to a colorful start and may have an early contender for goal at the tournament. ♪
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now, banki moon the u.s. secretary general thanks the international community pledging $5.5 billion to help rebuild gaza and speaking in the occupied west bank and he said that palestinian unity government will play the lead role in managing these funds and 50 day assault on palestinian territory left thousands of homes and infrastructure completely destroyed. >> the government of national consensus will manage these funds and supervising gaza's construction, reconstruction with the support of the international community. we would like to see the unity government in assuming its rightful responsibilities and functions in gaza.
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>> reporter: well, speaking alongside banki monday was the palestinian prime minister. >> translator: i have stressed to sectorry general banki moon, the aid will never achieve goals unless the israeli goal on gaza is lived and liberate the palestinian national economy and get rid of the israeli domination on the movement of goods and people. >> reporter: well also during that press conference mr. ban said that provocations at jerusalem's holy site must stop and end and hours ago ten people were injured when israeli forces went against them at the spot and you are in gaza and the destination of all the funds that have been raised.
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can we just start by talking about the mosque and the secretary general's comments talking about the end of provocations as he put it? >> reporter: well, i think the confrontations that we saw at the mosque this morning really just underscores how complicated and how imotive the situation is in gaza and indeed in the region. we only have to consider the other comments made by the u.n. secretary general where he said that a two-state solution must be found. he said that although that the occupation has lasted nearly half a century that it must come to an immediate end and pushing for that as well. but when you see this situation at this mosque as i have been saying it just underscores the tensions there. now, what we understand is a group of palestinian activists overnighted there. they were under the understanding that a group of
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orthodox jewish people would try to enter the compound and that is just what happened and that is when these confrontations erupted between those palestinian protesters and israeli security forces and we understand that stun grenades were used and understand that tear gas was used. now, over the past little while the past several weeks we seen increasing instances like this at the mosque situations like this erupting far more frequently than they have in resent years and again it really just goes to show how the situation is very unpredictable in these areas which remain to be occupied under israeli control. >> as well as raising all this money which is so desperately needed in gaza thereis emphasis on the peace process but u.n. secretary general interestingly coming down strongly yet again on israeli settlement building.
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>> reporter: that's right, he used strong language in his statement when he met with the palestinian prime minister in ramala going on and saying the endless, mindless suffering needed to end going as far as saying the situation can only be resolved by ending the nearly half century occupation as we have been saying, and of course talking about those settlements which of course only expanded over the years and makes it increasingly difficult for a viable palestinian state to be formed along those pre-1967 borders. but here in gaza the situation remains and coming off the back of the seven-week long conflict here, bombardment by israel and left nearly 2200 people dead, destroyed the homes of around 100,000 people and that money is going to be very badly needed here to reconstruct those homes and indeed help people rebuild their lives but until israel lifts its blockade of the gaza
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strip it's going to be very difficult for that to happen. >> thank you very much indeed, inside the correspondent and we can now talk to a senior official and joins us live from ramala and thank you very much for talking to us at al jazeera. there is an awful lot of responsibility being placed upon you and your partners in government, hamas in order to make sure that these funds are spent in the correct way. >> and that's exactly what happened. your question is a right question, a great deal of responsibility on us and palestinians and took the initiative by forming a national unity government and what we seen at georgia ska -- gaza and before gaza and in cairo was our declaration of failure and defeat and went through noted and presented a united plan and got an international consensus
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and an international approval not only on reconstructing gaza with $5.5 billion and also confirming the only agency to do so is a palestinian national unity government. as our president said in cairo very clearly that this reconstruction effort must be part of a national plan to end occupation. we are not just compensating israel's destruction. israel must be held accountable to its crimes and demand solution to gaza problems and to the palestinian problems. >> can i jump in there and just ask you a little bit more about this, this mechanism? this device by which you are going to be allowed to import into gaza materials for construction. i'm asking you how you're going to ensure that concrete and other such materials does not end up being used to build more tunnels. >> that is not our concern.
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and i don't think we should build mechanisms to do so. we should build mechanisms to ensure the legitimate needs of gaza are met after seven years of deprivation and collective punishment. everything could be under the pretext of use and we will not go the israeli way of starting from proving anybody innocent because everybody is guilty and everybody is innocent until proven guilty and it would require huge amounts of construction materials including cement and we expect a mechanism with international monitoring that will allow the free flowing of such commodities and will not accept mechanisms of just revisiting israel's collective policies from another door. >> half of the funds being pledged are for this reconstruction effort which is quite clearly in dire need in gaza and the other half is apparently for sort of daily
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needs, daily needs of gaza people who have been so disrupted, what kinds of people do you think the rest of that money will be used for? >> it's for immediate relief. we have a calamity in gaza and it's an earthquake and manmade slaughter house and thousands of families in the streets not finding shelter because their homes have been destroyed, more than 35,000 homes and we have a humanitarian catastrophe by every definition of catastrophe and therefore immediate, immediate task is to provide for these people, provide them makeshift home and make sure they are secure and provide for the lives until longer solutions are found and huge pressure to provide instantly and immediately for the people and they have funds primarily for relief and not for reconstruction, so the two pressures have to go simultaneous. >> thank you very much
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indeedment sorry i was going to ask you another question but we are out of time and thank you very much indeed for taking time to talk to us on al jazeera. taliban fighters in afghanistan are claiming responsibility for a suicide bomb attack targeting nato troop and a civilian killed and three others in kabul and they rammed the car packed with explosives in a nato convow and no reports of foreign troops being hurt. tropical storm storm made landfall and dozens injured and local authorities have evacuation and hundreds of flights have been grounded and it struck the island of okinowa and it sinced weakened to a tropical storm and predicted to hit tokyo but tuesday. and the rest of the weather with
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stef and what do you have for us? >> the storm on india and japan are easing and we have one that just has been born. looking at the satellite picture we see the area of cloud here just to the east of the caribbean and that is gradually tracking its way to the west. as it does that tit has developed some rotation and now classed as a tropical storm and it will continue the journey northwest through the next come of days, gradually just grazing the virgin islands there and puerto rico and gradually working up swinging to the north. it's where it's near land where we have to worry about it most and looks like it's going to brush puerto-rico and looking at winds at 120 kilometers per hour and of course gusts of winds on top of that. winds that strong shouldn't cause us too many problems here but what you will notice is the
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amount of rain and that could well be a major issue. these tiny islands here are used to tropical amounts of rain but we are looking at 200-300 millimeters of wet weather by the time this storm has passed. that means for many of us then we are looking at a wet picture particularly on tuesday. you can see the huge mass of rain here and doesn't only extend to part of puerto-rico will get wet as well. >> protests against police killing within the u.s. state of missouri. and back on track, the she larng ka connecting the north and south is up and running again and in sport we will tell you what gives the st. louis cardinals the edge in their post season play offseries. ♪ series.
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♪ hello again, reminder of the stop stories at al jazeera, police in iraq say an army training base near the iraqi city of heat has fallen to isil. iraqi troops retreated and top-ranking generals evacuated from the base overnight. u.s. secretary of state says saving kobane from i sks il is -- isil is not part of the group
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and there are fears of civilians struck there. the hundreds of people in hong kong are tearing down the protests barricades that blocked the city's financial district for weeks and demonstrators rallying against beijing's decision to screen candidate force the 2017 elections. and several students have been arrested at a rally at the university, the university staff in egypt have been protesting against a proposed over haul of laws and six arrested in protests at cairo and the anti-government protest coincided with the start of the new academic year and we report. [chanting] students out in their thousands across university campuses. they say if the protests end then the world will think everything is fine in egypt. organizers call this campaign students are back. they are demonstrating against
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the coup and what they say is a violation of basic rights. among the charged crowd were supporters of the now out lawed muslim brotherhood as well as many other activists opposed to the removal of an elected government. scanners and walk through gates by a private security firm did not help and students angry at arrangements and even water bottles being confiscated. >> avoid any clashes with security forces and they went to campuses and were haphazardly and trying as much as possible to be away from that and our students were protesting and they send them right away. so we cover our heads, we cover our faces and trying to do very peaceful contacts. >> reporter: organizing the right to disagree has risks and they ban this and have the right to bar any public gathering of
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more than ten people. student leaders say 1800 people jailed so far for stating their opinion. the arrests are seen as part of a wider crack down against supporters of the former government. human rights watch accused egypt forces of silencing decent and brute use of force and it's not just aggravated students, university staff are also concern over the government's attempts to overhaul university policies. on saturday they dismissed an amendment to legalize faculty members and sisi has secure laws but not curbing decent and the government may need another plan to deal with more than 2 million higher education students, thousands of whom are determined to express their opinions on the streets, i'm with al jazeera. let's find out more about the situation in egypt today and
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we can talk to a man in in istal with studies in england and try and explain if you can why the academic community in egypt is up in arms, what specifically are they guest in terms of the planned overhaul of university laws? >> i think that there is an immediate cause and there is a more complex cause. the immediate cause is the wave of brutal repression really that happened post july 2015 after the military coup. we see the results and now we are talking around 208 deaths from university students. we have three executions for university students. we have 1815 detainees from university students and professors and we have, if you look at the fines for university
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students, we have over 15 million egyptian pounds of fines targeting students and over the years that students were sentenced and talking over 2300 years so on this targeted this university is from alexandra university with five killed there and around 67 detainees all the way to the university in the south where you have no deaths but you have around five detainees. and the bulk of the university that were killed or detained have been sent to cairo and university and also cairo university and in egypt this is reaction to this in higher education history. another cause. >> can i just get you to explain then this is from what you're saying it sounds as though this is part of the much wider concern about a broader crack down on more general civil will
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liberties. >> yeah, absolutely. this is the wider cause i was referring to. basically i was a person of experience i visited the university back in summer of 2011 to give a lecture there earlier in the north of delta and it was basically student run and no security on campus and no security forces used to specifically guard the universities so it was run, the lectures were student run or student administrators and the dean office was student run and the guards were one or two students so this level of freedom in 2011 obviously all gone after 2015. so one of the main issues is to retain back these freedoms that many students experienced between the period of 2011 and 2013 and also and this is the other macro issue and national issue is the issue of accountable. no one was held accountable from the security forces or military forces to the deaths of students
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and we are talking about deaths on campus. again we have over 20 killed on campus and 10 at another university and many of them of an international cause. >> okay, how do you square that then with an increasingly repressive authoritative regime and how do you couple that then with john kerry in town in cairo just yesterday at the gaza pledging conference expressing a desire for a much more robust role for egypt with middle east peace and more internationally as well, helping to train syria moderates and how do you see that fitting and doesn't play much on the human rights situation in egypt? >> we know the dynamic specifically for u.n. government and democrats government in particular the dilemma between the security and interest of the
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u.s. which seems to be more inclined with military ruler in egypt that is on matters internationally but has a record of human rights violation and that has been consistent, i mean, we all remember jimmy carter the former u.s. president calling the strategy in egypt and i ran and one of the beacon of stability in the region promoting civil liberties inside the united states and in nicaragua as bad guys or so b's but our so b's so in that sense it's very clear there is a distinction or two levels, the human rights level and there is a compromise and turning a blind eye on it in exchange for cooperation in terms of security interests of the u.s. especially with these developments we have the rise of islamic state and other security forces of the united states. >> thank you very much indeed for talking to us live from
6:38 am
istanbul and he is a senior lecturer in security studies at the university there. thank you. well, we as al jazeera are continuing to demand the release of our three journalist in prison in egypt, fahme and greste and mohamed have been detained 287 days and accused of aiding the out lawed muslim brotherhood and appealing against their convictions. and we will go to bolivia and took at least 60% of the vote and al jazeera editor has this report. >> reporter: it was historic. bolivians giving a third term to elected president ail be it after a controversial court decision allowing morales to run again and from the balcony he
6:39 am
savored his victory. >> translator: on behalf of those of us who fought for the liberation of all bolivia we thank you for your great support. >> reporter: bolivia president is who they tried to oppose just five years ago but that is all in the past now. und under morales the poorest nation transformed and programs bala e balanced by mainstream commitment has unprecedented growth spurred by high commodity prices. and to the indigenous majority morales symbolizes the nation. >> it's an inclusion process, the feeling of everyone this country is for everyone and not just for a few people and not everyone has the same opportunities in the country. >> reporter: well supporting his policies some bolivians is
6:40 am
concerned that morales has too much power and may even want a fourth term. on the eve of the vote i asked him if it was true he planned to open a restaurant when this term end. >> translator: i would make lots more than i do as president, restaurants are a great business and i would double up as the waiter and who walled nt want to have a picture with me, a former president and i would charge for that too. >> reporter: post morales popularity is not questioning but how he will use it, if he will stay the course or if he will use the latest victory to consolidate a socialist revolution he promised for bolivia. >> reporter: celebrating after partial poll results show them ahead in the presidential elections, the three-person
6:41 am
leadership is likely to be shared with two other nationalist group from the orthodox serbs and the catholics and the power-sharing system was put in place to try to heal divisions after the civil war nearly 20 years ago. now thousands of people held protests in the u.s. city of st. louis over the weekend to try to draw attention to what they describe as police racism. now, this follows the fatal shooting of the unarmed black teenager michael brown in august and we have more. >> reporter: the ferguson october weekend of resistance reaches sunday and at the united church of christ the pastor is asking why so many young black men are being killed by the police. >> shall we just call it us? for having settled into a racist status quo for so long that we became accepting of how its
6:42 am
hatred has infected everything. >> one of the goals of the weekend's organizers is to build a coalition against police violence and members of the congregation are on board. >> and using tanks and tear gas and things that don't make us feel safer or feel that they are there to protect us. >> the fact is we just pretend everything is fine and it's not and we are getting conversations from those people and reaction from those people that experienced suffering. you know, it's breaking open some things that have been under the surface. >> reporter: as the surface ends here across town the hip-hop and resistance concert is getting underway and the message being expressed is the same. this is an organizer of the weekend of resistance and says
6:43 am
the diversity outraged by michael brown's killing is often ignored. >> they light to paint the narrative it's a bunch of young, angry, black kids but when you touchdown on the ground you quickly learn it's kind of different. >> reporter: what has been happening here in st. louis this weekend involved thousands of people from around the country and gained international attention. but it all began as people began to gather outside ferguson police station after michael brown was killed. >> we all stepped out in the middle of the street and a lot of people looked at us like that was a really radical thing to do but at that time we were like, look, this is not going to be one of the situations like it was in the past where we come and we sing and we pray and we go home like we are going to resist. >> reporter: there is still anger here at the killing of michael brown and the investigation that followed. but the events this weekend this st. louis are not just about short-term justice but long-term
6:44 am
change. and i'm with al jazeera st. louis. now in sri-lanka they cut the line from the north to the capitol columbo and being rebuilt thanks to a $800 million loan from india and we report. >> reporter: historic day for transport in sri-lanka as a whole as the queen this reign begins to fly between north and south, historic route that linked the north and south of the country from the 1800s and came under repeated attack during the war between the troops. essentially with the attacks in 1990 on the 30th of june they pulled in the station and attack on the tracks which destroyed
6:45 am
the tracks mean we couldn't go back and essentially that was the last of the train to run up there. now, the government putting in a lot of resources, a line of credit from the indians, that has helped to build and restore this rail way station and the government are hailing this very much of one of its key developments, sort of projects for jafner and bringing very much development to this northern region. for the people who the israeli is all about, over many, many decades this used to be a key route of transport for people as well as goods and things like that and it is very much considered an important part of bringing back normalcy of helping this region, you know, pick up the pieces after the war and head to a development and head to prosperity. >> reporter: still to come here at al jazeera, we will have the sport news including bmx, find
6:46 am
out about how positive it has been on london's youth. ♪
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campaigning in mosambeke election ended and we go to the poll later this week and hundreds are still living in camps after escaping between opposition fighters and government forces. now with a new peace deal in place they are hoping to vote and then finally go back to
6:48 am
their homes. tonya page reports. >> reporter: olga preparing food for her children and hundreds of families that abandon the village in the mountains when gun battles between government forces and opposition fighters erupted. she wants to go home. >> translator: we left our farms and now we rely on charity. we can't go home until the land is clear of mines and until the elections end when we know whether the losing parties will accept the results. >> reporter: the leader was given amnesty last month when he emerged from his mountain hide out and he has attracted big crowds. but the democratic movement mdm is threatening to take his place as an opposition party and both
6:49 am
say the party has neglected their part of the country, central of mosambeke but this is where gas and oil has been found and this increasing importance and putting first the presidential candidate from a northern province and after the fighting the people just don't want their lives to return to normal but for their lives to improve but many doubt the selection will mean the change they want and they are expected to win and in power since 1975 and it had many chances. and he has reopened his shop in the military base. tired and sleeping in tents some of the customers are back. the election is on his mind too. >> translator: winner and loser and loser must accept what happens and even though he is beaten he has rights too. >> reporter: regardless of who
6:50 am
wins no one wants a return to violence making this a crucial test of the democracy and politicians commitment to peace, tonya page, al jazeera. let's go to the sources with fara. >> thank you so much qualifying for the 2016 european championships continued on sunday and holder spain recovered from the mid-week defeat to slovakia and grabbing all three points against lexonberg and the target 4-0 and up to second in group c. england maintained a perfect start to their campaign, paine rooney with the only goal to make it 3 wins from 3. and a trio victory being belaroose top of spain and ukraine edged out macedonia in group g, russia with modovia and
6:51 am
then sweden registered the first win at the campaign. and the much publicized india super league is underway this calcutta and the new competition saw atletico take on fc in a packed crowd at the salt lake stadium and we report. >> reporter: kick starting an indian football revolution, the opening ceremony may have had a typical boly wood and nothing quite like the indian super league, and this is played over ten weeks and featuring great players of the resent past leak former teammates perez and freddy lumberg and up to now india's two passions is boly wood and cricket and former batting superstar and team owner looking on and could soon be time to at futbol to the list
6:52 am
and it could be easy with the raz-ma-taz and then mumbai and city of sea lived up to the city of goals and contest and the spanish league champion atletico-madrid won 3-0 and the mid fielder hernandez and the new league giving indian players like goal keeper a chance to showcase their talents. admittedly the game was being played at culcutter stadium and one of the few stadiums in india where futbol is bigger than cricket and sunday's match will have organizers hoping they have a product that could rival cricket. i'm with al jazeera. with hamilton dedicated his f 1 grand prix win and the
6:53 am
thoughts were with the family of the driver who remains in critical condition following a crash in japan last week. hamilton went to victory from poll position and it earned the mercedes team a title and leads standings by 17 points with three races remaining. >> the car was performing well and did a great job as a team and so it's history for us so i feel very proud to be part of it and all the team members to get the first championship from the city is amazing and so it's a beautiful day. >> reporter: in major league baseball the st. louis cards beat the san francisco giants and tied in st. louis with a solo home run in the bottom of the 9th with cards 5-4 victory and st. louis hit 11 home runs in the post season, the best of 7 national league championship series is tied at 1 a piece.
6:54 am
golf and pga tour has the first winner of the new season and he won open on sunday and the south korean finished 15 under par for a two-shot victory, just his second win on the pga tour. kenya athlete the first woman to win two marathons and defended the chicago marathon and won the boston in 2013 and this year and finishing the race in chicago time of two hours 2 hours 24 hours and kip john won the men's race. a white wash of pakistan by winning in abadabi and got half centuries but australia posted 231, that was partly down to he who missed three and pakistan stumbled along in the chase and one run with australia and he
6:55 am
couldn't get the job done abmiss abmissed and missed three deliveries getting out on the ball. cycling is one of the successful stories of british sports in olympics and tour de france made them household names and bmx racing is on the rise and how it's influencing one community. >> reporter: in the shadow of one of the toughest housing estates is one of britain's unlikely success stories. >> we turn up to races and start winning the nation realizes this is an amazing club and coming with kids not into cycling and now have some of the fastest rideers in the world. >> reporter: gangs are a huge problem and three years ago he was hit by violence that spread across the capitol. >> there wasn't no bmx track in areas where there is gangs and
6:56 am
crimes, then it would be hard for kids to stay off the bad roads and do the positive stuff. >> reporter: today it's bmx riders making headlines for the right reasons with world and european champions and more youngsters hoping to follow in their footsteps. >> olympics but we start small so for me that it would be starting us all and trying to brace a champion and have to train hard to accomplish that because it's not easy. >> reporter: not all riders will go on to be champions but the club is more than sport but it's about life and giving the youngsters the best possible start. >> remember you guys can do your best, repeat after me, you guys can do your best. >> they can get a lot of discipline, a lot of focus, a lot of drive, a lot of determination and if if you are late for this and school and work and there is only one reason for this, you get set. >> reporter: and bmx is the
6:57 am
subject of a movie documentary and this is a story of the club and the positive effect it had on one of london's most challenging communities. >> when young people are the street not doing anything they gather here taking part on the track practicing, relating to something positive and also making a career path for sometimes because one day one of them will be an olympian. >> the olympic legacy helped pay for the state of the art track so the future is looking bright. >> i think within the next 2-3 years we will see a lot more champions coming out of bmx. >> stewart with al jazeera, peckham in london. >> reporter: that is the sport for now. thank you indeed and that sit from me and coming up, in a while the lovely darren will take you through the next couple hours so don't go away.
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>> at some point, there was a breach in protocol and that breach in protocol resulted in this infection. >> was it a mistake that led to the second casebolt la in dallas? the c.d.c. launching an investigation as health officials try to determine how a nurse became infected with with the virus. >> turkey agree to say allow the u.s. and coalition forces to use its military bases in